Understanding when and how the company can resort to creativity to solve an issue. Discovering the benefits of creativity in management. Learning to use some simple tools which allow to release ideas and manage a team. This lecture is aimed at introducing the group to the practical side of the knowledge creation / creative method as it will be applied to concrete examples of an issue. The group will also get to realize that creativity, a source of richness for the company, requires a careful and particular management. Beyond the results, creativity contributes to improve dynamism of work-group projects, interdisciplinarity and behaviour towards change. This demand combines pragmatism and enthusiasm, work and good mood.

Meet the expert: APM 130315

CEO and founder of Livingstone Trainings since 1993, which is a structure dedicated to applied creative research, Philippe Verhaeghe leads training courses for large companies. Philippe Verhaeghe is concurrently an external tutor at HEC Executive Education for Africa, HEC Business Executive, Lille journalism school, IAE Lille, R.U.L.E Cambodia and Mohammed V Rabat University. He is also a former associate professor for IAE ( in creativity – semiotics) and an expert in applied creativity (more than 300 references). Philippe Verhaeghel  has had different experiences working for companies such as ATOS or Camaïeu for which he led innovative projects. Today, he is an expert for APM, Germe, A.P.D. Maroc and Plato. He is also the author of a book dedicated to creativity: “How to develop your creative skills?”